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Living in Central Kansas

Living in Central Kansas

Great Bend is a strong family-oriented community of 16,000 residents set in America’s heartland of rolling wheat and corn fields. Great Bend is just the right size, offering many of the amenities of a larger city without a lot of the hassle. Great Bend is easily accessible to travelers as it is located at the crossroads of highways 281, 96, 156, and 56 leading to major cities such as Denver, Wichita, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, and Omaha. Great Bend is 100 miles from Wichita and 250 miles from Kansas City, offering trips to the “big city” while maintaining the quality of life and hometown community feel. Living in Great Bend, KansasKansasWeb

There are a variety of parochial and public schools, including a community college, Barton County Community College, churches, and recreation facilities. Great Bend has a quality school system that boasts of educating the Nobel prize winning inventor of the computer chip, Jack Kilby.

Great Bend is located next to two of the world’s most important wetlands; Cheyenne Bottoms and Quivira National Wildlife Refuge. A wide variety of birds including geese, ducks, shore birds and eagles stop here during their annual migration. We are truly a bird watcher’s paradise. Along with ducks and geese, a large number of pheasants and quail make us a sportsman’s delight. Great Bend is also home to the Brit Spaugh Zoo.

During the Christmas season Great Bend hosts the Trail of Lights, a nationally recognized Christmas light display.