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Golden Belt Home Health & Hospice offers grief sessions

Since the death of a loved one naturally evokes emotional, physical and spiritual pain, Golden Belt Home Health & Hospice (GBHH&H) sponsors support groups throughout the year.

The next series of eight Monday evening grief sessions begins June 5 and runs through July 24. Each 90-minute meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. on Mondays in the St. Rose Health Center first-floor conference room.

“We offer support groups for bereaved family members and friends who have suffered a loss,” GBHH&H Chaplain Larry Schumacher said. “This is in addition to individual follow-up care for those whose loved ones were enrolled in hospice.

“Support groups provide a safe place where people can embrace their pain, work through the grieving process and attempt to move forward,” Schumacher added.

While the chaplain and Social Worker Cathy Soeken will facilitate the group, Schumacher noted, “the effectiveness of a support group really comes from other group members who also are on the grief journey. If you feel you need support during this difficult time, or can contribute to someone else attempting to heal, you are invited.

“We hope we can work with you to provide assistance as you progress on the difficult journey of healing from your loss,” the chaplain added.

Anyone interested in attending the sessions or who wants more information is encouraged to contact GBHH&H by calling 620-792-8171.

GBHH&H, which has served central Kansas since 1979, is part of the St. Rose family. Its service area is Barton, Pawnee, Rush and parts of Stafford counties.

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