Signing Up for MyStRose Patient Portal
Using MyStRose Patient Portal

**Please read the information below if you DO NOT HAVE A MyStRose Patient Portal Account**

Welcome to My St. Rose Patient Portal

My St. Rose patient portal gives you direct online access to portions of your electronic medical record where your health care provider stores your health information.  Your diagnostic results, appointment information, prescription medications, immunizations and more are all securely stored in this electronic record for quick retrieval.

My St. Rose shows you that same information – so you see what your provider sees!
My St. Rose also provides new, convenient methods of communication with your provider office.  Send messages and schedule/cancel appointments – all online.

Why is Open Access Important to Patients?

Open access to your medical record is a way for you to become more informed and involved in your care.  St. Rose invites you to review your visit notes written by your doctor, nurse or other clinicians involved in your care through our convenient patient portal.

Having the chance to read and discuss clinic visit notes with your physician or family member can help you take better control of your health and health care.  Patients with access to their doctors’ notes feel more in control of their care and gain a better understanding of their health.  Chances are that you will have a better recall of your care plan and you are also more likely to take your medications as prescribed.

How to enroll in the My St. Rose Patient Portal

The next time you have an appointment you will receive enrollment request information that includes your Medical Record Number and instructions to enroll.  You must have an e-mail address on file at your doctor’s office and/or hospital to enroll in the My St. Rose.  Once you get home you can go to and complete the enrollment.

You can copy the enrollment form and bring it with you to your next clinic visit.

Once you have enrolled you will be sent a TEMPORARY user name and password.  You must log on to the portal within 7 days of receiving the TEMPORARY user name and password.  At the end of 7 days the user name and password become invalid and you will need to contact your physician’s office to issue a new one.

You must be 18 years or older to enroll in the My St. Rose Patient Portal.